Combating Misconceptions

Real Chi Youth documakers find out more about how incarcerated mothers are working to better themselves and change public misconceptions.  Check it out. Created by Kumari Mason, Evan Spralls, Sarah Ford and Shaiqueria… Continue reading

Feet in Your Shoes

When you see someone running down the street, do you stop and stare? Not in a creepy way, but out of admiration and curiosity? Perseverance can be seen in any runner’s facial expression:… Continue reading

Sally Lu

Little Sally Lu brings grace to those she knew. Little Sally Lu’s soul isn’t capable of disregarding others as “different” “What is different to be looked at peculiar?” Rain,fire, and life all share… Continue reading

Raising Awareness: Male Survivors

Did you know that 1 in 33 men have been raped in their lifetime?  Real Chi Youth reporters investigated this issue — learn more here.   By Clemesha Grayer, Essence Green and Alexandria Johnson.    

Guide to Riding a Fixie

 Curious about riding a fixed-gear bike?  Here are some tips.    Created by Daniel Mercado from Mather High School.