A Start To A Safe Summer

Summer was always meant for kids and teens to have fun and enjoy the weather on their days out of school.
That’s what it meant for a lot of people, but not anymore.

Kids still have fun in the good weather, but at certain times, certain areas, and that’s not because of mean parents taking control of their life, it’s the parents trying to protect them.

People call Chicago “Chiraq” because of a war zone, and of the murder rate increasing.

Teens have to worry about getting one place to another safely without being robbed or shot.

Parents having too worry so much about their kids safety, and worrying about getting a call from a friend or police telling them that their child has been shot and killed.

Summer in Chicago isn’t the summer it used to be, because everybody wants control and respect and power.

Spike Lee is making a movie about Chicago called Chiraq, but says he could never live here.

If the violence in Chicago keeps up, the army is going to have Martial Law, and it’s going to make things very hard on everyone.

It’s time to put the guns down, and end this endless violence.

I remember getting chased by 65th and Western by five to ten people because they thought I was affiliated in gang activity, and it’s hard to be safe when people take your safety away, and may end up as them also taking your life away.

They refer to Illinois as Drillinois because everybody is shooting each other.

The summer is where people get affected by the heat and do stupid things.

Be safe, and don’t fall under the influence.

Written by Ke’Avery Woodall from Urban Prep Charter Academy-Englewood Campus