Get Over It

ee4ae37529ee798516412876f0e5f696Written by Sonya Everett of Josephinum Academy

Get over it.

As if it were a hill I could climb.
Get over it,
As if I could jump high enough to reach the other side.
Get over it,
As if I could, because I would, but I can’t
Get over it.

There are excuses I could make
But more often they are already said
by people who use my disorder as their shortcut.
So I end up cut short when I admit what plagues me
because they say to me, it’s just an excuse.
Everyone is a little crazy.
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Skinny Does Not Always Equal Healthy

Written by Janelle Guild.

imageHave you ever heard of the term “Skinny-fat”? It refers to a skinny person who is at the risk of the same diseases as an overweight person. Even though they are skinny, they are unhealthy on the inside and underneath.  It is just not visible from the clothes they wear. Even if that person has a healthy BMI (body mass index) they might still be “Skinny-fat” because BMI is not the best indicator of one’s health.  In an athlete for example, or someone who regularly works out, body mass may seem abnormally high.  However, it is most likely actually at a healthy range because muscle weighs more than fat. The bottom line is to not assume that a person is healthy because they are skinny – just like someone’s character, healthiness is more than meets the eye.

Be Aware

Written by HG of Orr Academy High School with Between Friends for No More Week 2014

49781660Teen domestic violence (TDV) is not a major concern of most, but it should be. Teens who experience violence in their relationship need to be noticed because they are in physical danger and going through an emotional roller coaster.  It is common that teens promise not to tell anyone about the abuse, which can make the situation worse.  Be aware, look for signs, and pay attention to the teens in your life.

If It All Stopped

Written by SP of Orr Academy High School with Between Friends for No More Week 2014

What would the world look like without domestic violence?
Will it be euphoria?
Will it be tranquil?
Or will it never change?
Hitting, punching, slapping hurts
Derogatory words hurt
Would you care if someone hurt you?
Would you care if someone hurt your mother,
grandmother, father, sister or brother?
How would you stop it?
What would you do to end the abuse?
Don’t you want it to end?
The world would be a better place

If it all stoppedsunny-road

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Chicago, we have a problem

On Saturday March 29th, students from around the city came together to talk about health, education, jobs, juvenile justice and technology.  What was also on the mind of participants, like everyone else in Chicago, was the horrific winter we have been having.  Students spent a little time making memes to vent about some of the effects of this awful weather.  Here’s our favorite:

Chicago Potholes