Raising Awareness: Male Survivors

Did you know that 1 in 33 men have been raped in their lifetime?  Real Chi Youth reporters investigated this issue — learn more here.    

Guide to Riding a Fixie

 Curious about riding a fixed-gear bike?  Here are some tips.    Created by Daniel Mercado from Mather High School.  

My Other Half

I love the way she holds my hand. She has the perfect hand stand. We walk along the beach on a summer’s eve. Oh, I love that she’s with me. Her smile brings… Continue reading

10 Things You Don’t Know About Chicago Teens

Some young activists made a BuzzFeed about their generation.  It is not about teens shooting or killing each other. It’s actually about the thousands of teens that call Chicago home. Check it out here.  

5 Weight Lifting Tips

If there’s one thing that I’m passionate about, it’s working out. I’ve always loved the idea of exercising ever since I was little. Back then, it was more about going to the park… Continue reading